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HB2G LTD's industrial tools & machinery product ranges includes:

- Air compressors, Screw type, lubricated and non-lubricated.

- Pumps.

-Generator sets (Diesel or Motor driven).

-Fire suppression and prevention systems.

-Couplings and Conveying Systems.

HB2G LTD complete solutions from design and conception, to the actual installation, commissioning, then training of our partners' engineers to take over and effectively run the system.

Our technical support will be given over the life cycle of the product and beyond our contractual terms. 

Our expertise covers a wide area of engineering, from air system audits to selecting the right compressor, pump or generator sets to meet our customers’ expectations and requirements. We will select the equipment which will do the job, impartially and based on our engineering knowledge.

We provide our industrial tools and machinery products for businesses in the UK




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Based in Cheadle, serving the UK

  • HB2G LTD supplies screw oil injected compressors manufactured by Fini Italy. The compressors range from 3 to 350 Kw. 

  • HB2G LTD has a wealth of experience in the field of compressed air technology.

  • HB2G LTD can supply our customers and partners with complete solutions which will meet their requirements and needs.

  • Our aim is to supply reliability and efficiency, to help our customers to keep down time to a minimum.

  • In partnership with Hanwha Power Systems, a leader in the manufacturing of Centrifugal Air Compressors and spare parts.

  • We will endeavour to supply reliable Centrifugal Air Compressors for Air Separation, General Industry and Process applications.

  • Hanwha is a major multinational corporation with a turnover in excess of 55.094 billion US Dollar. Hanwha corporation has four major Divisions:

  •     Aerospace and Mechatronics.

  •     Chemicals and Materials.

  •     Engineering and Construction.

  •    Solar Energy.

  • Hanwha Power Systems (formerly known as SamsungTechwin) entered the industrial energy equipment market in 1997 based on its reliable technologies and extensive experience built up in the gas turbine engine sector.

  • Since then, it has grown to a global company with worldwide sales of more than 5,000 units.

  • Based on its know-how in air compressors for various industrial applications, the Company has developed a vast product range of technology- intensive products with high added value, including fuel gas compressors for power plants, boil-off gas compressors for LNG terminals and plants, extremely low-temperature compressors, expanders and compressors for LNG carriers.

  • HB2G LTD’s focus is to supply Air Centrifugal Compressors base plate mounted to ASME or API specifications.

  • The Product Range that we supply is based mainly on Hanwha Power Systems Air compressors SM Series with a range between 700 to 24,000 NM3/HR; 1.5 to 25 Barg and 125 to 3200 HP.

  • We supply Industrial Equipment such as Compressors, Generator sets, Pumps, Fire detection/suppression systems and Predictive Maintenance equipment.

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Industrial tools & machinery available in the UK, call us on 0161 425 6200 to find out more

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